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Writing For Help

A letter requesting permission to bring my own takeaway containers, a template for reaching out to any restaurants and cafes in your area.

Tomorrow marks the start of Week 2: No Takeaway Containers. Does this include the biodegradable and compostable ones as well? How will I live? I have been tense about it for the whole week. I do love the option of eating 'outside' food although we appreciate home-cooked food as nutritious and loving to the body.

As a former restaurateur, I have had moments in the kitchen where someone hands their containers in for a takeaway order and despite their good intentions, it screws up my prep work and timing because I did not design the kitchen to accommodate this aspect in terms of space. In a restaurant, seating and selling space is king.

Anyway, I am desperately writing to food outlets in the hopes that I will get a "yes" from someone to allow me to bring my personal containers. This letter is also a milestone in my journey to change my life and help my immediate environment, at least. All my life, I have threatened or promised to write to this or that person/establishment on some issue or interest. Well, this is it; this is the beginning.

Hi there,

This is a personal letter to inquire about the future possibility of using my personal containers when I order food from [insert name]. As someone trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I feel conflicted whenever I try to support the food and beverage industry during these trying times, since takeaway is often the only option. If the answer is yes, please let me know and you can ignore the rest of the letter.

As I see it, [insert name] is one of the few using some environmentally friendly disposable packaging. Thank you for this. However, given that our recycling and composting systems have plenty of room for improvement, the zero-waste method is something we should aspire to, at least some of the time.

I understand there are several obstacles to most establishments excepting personal takeaway containers:

1. space constraints

2. process flow interruptions

3. health and safety regulations

There are also benefits (at least number 1 should matter):

1. Guilt-free takeaway food means happy customers

2. Social consciousness of the company reflected in healthy business practices

3. Corporate relevance given current pressing issues

4. Elevated public relations standing

5. Lower packaging cost

6. Less environmental impact

Some strategies for food and drinks to catch up to coffee's bring-your-own tumbler/cup -

1. disclaimers ( allergies ): For certain activities, such as rock climbing, participants have to initial and sign a long disclaimer document, literally signing all protection away. In the case of restaurants, patrons could tap AGREE on a screen that reads out a simple disclaimer, before containers are excepted. "I take full responsibility for the cleanliness and condition of my containers. I understand that the introducing outside materials into a company's operation environment prevents me from taking legal action in the event of any adverse reactions related to consuming the food at this establishment" or something like that. Allergic reactions are a separate issue.

2. initially limited to a smaller number of dishes, for process flow acclimatisation

3. takeaway container guidelines on your website... so you could perhaps request a certain type or size but this should not be compulsory.

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

If you have any useful templates or letters, to share, I would love read them.

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