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Ball Dropped...So?

9 months have passed since my last entry. In that time, I endured two stints in hotel quarantine and got a first-hand experience this pandemic’s impact on our dependency on plastic and other disposable materials. With lives at stake, recycling of waste, generated from health and hospitality services, has taken a backseat.

At the end of each quarantine stay, I was left with bags of recyclable plastic and paper waste. Despite cleaning and marking them as recyclable materials; clearly stating that we had tested negative, my family and I will never know if it all just went to trash as part of health and safety protocols.

With hands somewhat tied, and my head busied by social, travel and family matters, I took a step back from blogging. In retrospect, I am glad I did. The bitterness towards corporate giants and the helplessness that resulted was skewing my approach towards becoming a disgruntled, side-line commentator. It was evident in my writing.

The good news is, my little sabbatical gave me the energy to double my commitments in volunteer work in the food rescue and distribution, composting and education sectors. Now, I might sound like such a giving and compassionate person but the truth is, the organisations, schools and communities that I have come into contact with, are the ones that have replenished me. Seeing their joy and resolve reminded me that I have a blog worth writing.

And so, I soldier on, bolstered by the love and plenty of good news. Here are some snippets:

Protectors of the ocean

-Ocean Cleanup and Coca-Cola are partnering up to ‘facilitate the deployment of Interceptors in fifteen rivers around the world and accelerate cleanup’. I am usually not a fan of Coca-Cola partnering up with anything but I am hoping the integrity of the Ocean Cleanup leaders will keep this project focussed on what it is meant to achieve.The Ocean Cleanup

Inventors Paradise

-I stumbled across a website called Springwise Home - Springwise The innovations featured are current and I hope (I haven’t read about every single one) they give investors, big or small, a chance to put their money into technology that could make a difference for the better. In any case, it is an interesting read and one that gives you positive news from around the world.

Home Ground Advantage

- Veena Sahajwalla. If I had known about the things this great inventor was doing right here in Australia, I would not have felt so helpless. She is many things but most importantly, founder of the UNSW Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT@UNSW), which is responsible for MICROfactorie. Go read up.

- Oh! And, best of all, I have been accepted into Deakin University for a Graduate Certificate in Research Management and if I make it through that, Masters of Sustainability, here I come!!

Well, I’m going to end here because there is so much to do! And I just wanted to check in on this blog as a way of telling myself that I’ve got this.

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